Ten Months in…

I know people say that life flies by when you have kids; before you know it they’re out of the door and starting their own adult life. Before I had E, I thought life went quickly, so how much quicker could it actually seem? Well, apparently, a tremendous amount. I can’t believe that E is ten months old. It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that I was waddling round the office with my ever-growing bump and in less than a month I’ll be back at work!

Realising how fast this time is going has really hit me in the last couple of weeks, but in a good way. It’s made me step back and see that I’ve been stressing and worrying about stuff far too much. E is just a baby, she’s so reliant and I’ve had unrealistic expectations. Since accepting that, I’ve been much happier! Not that I’m not forever living in hope that she’ll suddenly sleep through, because I definitely am.

I’ve started looking back and realising that I do miss her being so tiny, and that I should’ve relished it more! However, she’s turning into such a cheeky character, I’m loving getting to know her unique personality.

It’s not been an easy ten months, but it has been wonderful, nonetheless.

My husband is forever telling me how I’m doing such a great job with E, and I’m so grateful he does. But, he also needs to know how much his input is impacting E. She’s always happier when daddy is around and loves to spend time with him. He doesn’t realise how much he makes us both happier!

So, that’s an update on us. Here’s E’s… she had her 9-12 month assessment recently and she is absolutely where she should be. She interacts with other people, she waves, she claps, we get a “mama” and “dada” from her, she plays independently, she learns from other children, she amazes me every day. She isn’t scared to go off and explore, if anything I struggle to get her to come back to me!

  • It’s scary to think that ten months ago, she was this tiny, helpless thing and now she’s a little girl who has her own personality, and is developing and growing every day.
  • I don’t know a lot, but she does make me incredibly proud every day.
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