Mum can be the loneliest number

Being a mum is amazing. You can’t describe the feeling you get when your miniature person does something cute. If you could bottle it and give it to those feeling down, the world would be a much happier place.

I mean look at this face:


Being a mum comes with a lot of pressure, responsibilities and worry. Most mothers don’t have to face it all alone; thankfully, I don’t. However, I’ve found being a mum one of the loneliest experiences I’ve had.

It sounds daft, I know. You’re never alone. You’d kill for 5 minutes to have a poo in peace, but deep down you feel alone. Motherhood can be very isolating.

Now, I have fantastic friends (mums and non-mums) who would all jump to my aid if I needed them (again, I’m very lucky) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt lonely.

It’s the days when you don’t know what to do. You don’t want to put on anyone, so you stay in and play. You check your phone and you have no messages. A whole day without adult conversation can be incredibly draining!

Or the days that are filled with sensory and soft play, then you come home. Your husband is still at work and you’re alone with the baby. Again. It’s hard and it’s emotionally exhausting.

Yes, your baby is worth it and amazing, but it’s ok to admit you’ve felt alone. Motherhood is a lonely place, so check on your mum friends – we’d really appreciate it!

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