It’s ok.

The world is currently upside down and parenting has suddenly become so much harder. I’ve really be struggling with not seeing my family and friends outside the confines of a zoom chat.

E’s been great on one hand, but on the other has become unbelievably hard work. I’ve cried, she’s cried, I’ve shouted, I’ve sworn, I’ve hidden away, I’ve wished for just 30 seconds of not being needed – but that’s ok.

It’s ok to cry because your child has tested your patience.

It’s ok to scream, because you’ve lost your temper and have no other outlet.

It’s ok to swear, because your child thinks it’s the most hilarious thing to pull hair out of your scalp.

It’s ok to not want to be a parent sometimes.

It’s ok that you don’t want to be productive or take up a new hobby.

It’s ok if you think your house looks like a shithole, but can’t be bothered to do anything about it.

It’s ok if you want to think of loads of different projects and ideaS to distract yourself from the world.

It’s ok to bawl your eyes out because your child refuses to sleep and it’s really starting to get to you.

It’s ok if you’re hard on yourself, but know you’re doing the best you can.

It’s ok to question yourself & everything; it means you care.

It’s all ok. It’s all temporary. It’s more than ok.

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