Not a baby any more…

So, I’ve got a toddler. How the hell did that happen? I genuinely don’t know.

All of a sudden, she’s not a helpless grub any more. She’s a walking, sort-of talking, laughing, dancing toddler.

I think what really tipped me off was the almighty tantrums she started having. They are spectacular. I know everyone jokes about the terrible twos and threenagers, but what is this stage called? What quippy name is given to the age between 1 and 2, to help mums cope? Is there one? I just keep calling her a git, but I’m not sure if that’s socially acceptable…

As everyone warned me, E is into absolutely everything! We’ve had to put locks on the cupboard doors in the kitchen to keep her from smashing the place up and ruining the foil, but I think they’ve pissed us off so much we’re not sure it’s worth jt!

She has started to play and interact in so many fascinating ways. She draws with her crayons, she has started stacking blocks (destroying towers is still her forte though), she pushes a child’s lawnmower around and bombs around on her scuttle bug like nobody’s business. HOW?! She was tiny yesterday, wasn’t she?

Playing with stones is a favourite activity.

I knew she was a toddler when she started walking (toddling) around, but it still didn’t hit me. I was amazed, I cried but I was just sort of like “oh, yay! She can walk”. I didn’t really go “oh, yay! She’s a toddler”.

Was it when she dropped her second nap of the day? Is that the sign of a true toddler? I no longer have 2 chunks (haha they were never chunks) of time to myself. I have one. I try to relish it as much as I can. I’ll cling on to this nap as long as I can. Goodbye, second nap. I will miss you!

One precious nap a day!

Maybe she became one when she started paying attention to what’s on television. Yes, mum police, my daughter watches TV. I need the break so I can actually make her some food! I mean, she still prefers a theme tune to most actual programmes, but her and Hey Duggee are best friends. I love Duggee, I’d watch it by myself… seriously.

I love my little toddler.

Did she become a toddler when I put her in her pram and she was ginormous in it?! She fully fits in it now. She still doesn’t like it much, but she can push it around herself if she wants to. Was that when she became a toddler?

I don’t know when it hit, but I do know I’m fully into toddlerhood with E and it’s not easier, it’s different.

I can now relate to so many more motherhood memes. Not always in a good way. Having a toddler is (and I cannot stress this enough) FUCKING exhausting! She still doesn’t sleep through the night. People forget about us mums that don’t have those babies who are sleeping through by one. It’s not unusual, but we’re made to believe it is. We have eye bags for days, weeks, months, years. I haven’t had more than 3 solid hours of sleep in well over 15 months, but I still get up and play with all the toys and run around outside. It takes so much energy and sometimes I scream and shout because I’m so tired and frustrated, but I battle through for my little diamond.

Toddler mums, I see you. You’re my people. I don’t know how we got here, but we did. And we’re here for a while to see what else toddlerhood brings!

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