A Day in the Life of a One Year Old

This is a day in the life during lockdown, not normal life, because I’ve completely forgotten what that is.


Wake up. Anytime between 5am and 7:30am is fine. Mum and dad don’t mind. In fact, if you wake them up by launching yourself at their head or smack daddy in the face – he loves that. I can tell by the way he always looks at me and says “oh, morning!” I honestly think it’s the best part of their day. It’s definitely the best part of mine, I love waking up and seeing my mummy and daddy either side of me.


Mummy makes breakfast. Usually scrambled eggs, because generally I’ll kick off if not. I love my scrambled eggs. All other breakfasts are inferior!


Generally, mummy (and daddy if he isn’t at work) try to finish their coffee on the sofa, but I don’t like that. They must be moving at all times like me. Oh, wait, is that Hey Duggee on the TV? I’ll watch that for a bit then. You win this round, parents.


Now, it’s playtime. YAY! Time to tip out ALL THE DUPLO! That’s me done with that for the day. oOooooOoOOH. I think we’re going outside to play. My favourite. Time to get my wellies on, because, frankly, why bother with any other footwear?


Mummy is taking me upstairs for a nap. I’m not even tired…


I like to keep mummy guessing with how long I nap for. Sometimes I hav two and a half hours, sometimes 30 minutes. It’s all shits and gigs at the end of the day. The shorter the better, because mummy and daddy must be so so bored without me.


Dinner time when I get up from my nap. YES! It’s tuna pasta, it’s my favourite. I eat it all up, but not without moaning that I’m in my highchair. I’m a big girl, just sit me in a big chair parents! Then we play again. Playing is my favourite. WE play with Duplo, wooden blocks, in my tent, with my teddies and then I plonk myself on mummy or daddy’s lap to read some books. I do love reading books. There’s so many things to look and I love it when mummy and daddy do those silly voices for me. It makes it so much fun.


Oh tea time! I’m hungry, but I’m also tired, so I’m just going to calmly let my mummy and daddy know that. SO, I cry and whine at them both, until they pick me up and help me eat, or let me go and watch a bit of Hey Duggee. Although, now I miss them, so I go and tell them that. Over and over. They finally come and join me after eating without me. Rude.


Oh, mummy has just said bath. So, off I pop to the bottom of the stairs, because I know the bath is up there. However, I think it’s far more fun to run through the bedrooms and throw clothes everywhere, steal daddy’s earplugs and destroy mummy’s beauty stuff hehehe. Oh, no, I’ve been captured by mummy. It’s time to SPLASHHHHH!! I’m getting sleepy now. Not sleepy enough to sit still for a book thouhgh; I might do another lap of the bedroom first. Before I know it, mummy has me dressed and daddy is walking me to my cot for bed. Time for mummy’s boobies – yes! Not sure if I’ll take 15 minutes or 60 to fall asleep; the longer I’m awake, the longer I’m with mummy.


(Although, that won’t be the last mummy and daddy see of me. I’ll join them in their bed for snuggles and sleep again at some point. I’m not ready for my own bed all night yet. It’s quite scary all alone).

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