Top 5 postpartum products

A few weeks ago, one of my mum friends messaged me asking what to put in a Maternity Leave gift for a couple of women at her work. As she’s already a mum, she wanted to fill the gifts with things for the mums-to-be, because us mums often get forgotten about in the postpartum gift-giving period. It made me really think of the things I really needed in those first few weeks when all you do is feed the baby, get covered in sick, change nappies, try to sleep, and try to remember to eat. So, I’ve put together my Top 5 Postpartum Products, in case you were looking for something thoughtful, but practical for your new mum friends.

I lived in leggings (well, I still do) in the first few months of E’s life. I had the size bigger than I needed, and they were so comfortable and hid my stomach to the world when I was lifting my top up to breastfeed. I imagine bigger sizes would be better over c-section scars too. Buy mummy some leggings. They don’t have to be boring black ones, get her some funky ones to make her feel less frumpy. I love black leggings, but when all you feel is mumsy and frumpy, they’re not always the best choice.

So many options. Oh so comfy.

Spritz for Bitz
I was recommended this by a friend for my hospital bag and my general healing period. You can spray it on to maternity pads or directly on to stitches etc down there. I believe you can also use it on c-section stitches too. It doesn’t sting; it’s really cooling and can promote the healing process. It really provided me with relief when I felt, what can only be described as, heavy and full down there. It is a little pricey, and I know there are some cheaper alternatives available in Boots, but I can only vouch for this product from my own experience.

A Water Bottle
I know this may seem a little mundane, but honestly, when you’re thirsty and stuck under a sleeping baby, or your vagina/stomach hurts too much to move, this will be the best thing ever. Go wild with design and get one that keeps stuff hot and cold. It’ll be the dream.

These are ideal


When I was pregnant, my two best friends made me a hospital bag package and it included slippers. I would never have considered slippers, but they were very handy for shuffling to the toilet in at the hospital. Get ones that are easy to put on and seasonally appropriate!

Big ones. Preferably black, but the colour is optional. Buy them 2 or 3 sizes bigger. Get the full brief. Don’t feel like you’re insulting your friend/don’t be embarrassed if you’re buying them yourself. They are comfy af. They will be worn for many months, even 17 months postpartum…

I mean, there’s loads of wonderful gifts mums will always be grateful for, but in the haze of having a newborn, sometimes the practical ones are the best!

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