Facetheory Review

I discovered Facetheory during one lockdown, when I was browsing Instagram. I’m a sucker for some skincare, so I thought I’d take a browse. I started out with the Vitamin Superhero Skincare Set, to see how I got on and that’s where the obsession started!

The set contains a Vitamin C Cleanser, a Regena-C Retinol Moisturiser and a Porebright N10 Serum. By far my favourite is the cleanser. I’ve tried loads of cleansers in the past, but there’s just something a bit better about this one. It clears everything from my face; my face feels new when I’ve used it and it smells so fresh and sunny. It feels luxurious without the pricetag to match! The moisturiser is great. You only need a minimal amount to cover your face, so the jar will last AGES! I use this just before bed and my skin doesn’t feel dull in the mornings! The serum is something I’d never used before, but I do feel like it’s slowly starting to reduce the visibility of the pores on my face. I know I need to be more consistent with it, but for someone who needs a quick routine, this is absolutely perfect!

Once, I’d fallen in love with these, I branched out a little…

I knew I needed (read: had been told) an SPF moisturiser for the day. I always make sure my foundation has SPF, but as a mum, I mostly don’t have time for that any more, so this Amil C-Whip SPF 20 is brilliant. It’s a smooth, whipped texture and it’s so light! Again, you don’t need a lot of this on your face, so it’s another brilliantly-priced, long-lasting product!
*Bought with gifted voucher*

I was excited by the prospect of Facetheory make up, and was offered the chance to try an item for the range for free. I chose the foundation, but I have to be honest, it’s my least favourite thing from them. It’s a great whipped texture, but it doesn’t sit very well on my skin, unless I apply with my hands. If I use a make up brush or beauty blender, it doesn’t sit well and makes all my pores really obvious. It could be as I have a shade slightly lighter than I really need, but it’s not something I reach for very often.
*gifted item*

My face isn’t the only thing that needs taking care of, I need to take better care of all my skin, so I purchased the Calming Argan Oil & the Cera-B Body Cream. I’ve used the oil on my eczema on my hands and arms; it’s really calmed it down! Just as it says on the tin. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all and has definitely helped the healing process with my eczema. Everyone is different, but I would recommend this if you suffer with mild eczema or red/dry skin etc. The Cera-B Body Cream is really thick and takes a while to absorb, but my skin feels amazing once I’ve got it on. The smell isn’t my favourite, it almost smells a little medicated (like what I got from the GP for eczema when I was younger), but it’s something I can bypass for how it makes me feel! It doesn’t irritate my skin and it gives you the feeling of shaved legs against fresh bedding, even when your legs are hairy and you’ve not changed your bed sheets in a while…

Last, but not least, my other hero products! The Freshening Face Wash is fantastic. I feel fresh and (almost) ready to take on the day when I use it. My face actually feels CLEAN. It’s great. Lathers really well and it’s the best solution to a full routine for me, when I just don’t have the time. The next is the Restorasoft Waterproof Makeup Remover. It removes ALL my make up, even my eyeliner that can survive a hurricane (no exaggeration there, that stuff is amazing, get in touch if you want to know which one) comes off with this stuff and really easily. It’s kind on my skin and when I use with their muslin cloths, I don’t even feel the need to cleanse afterwards. I know my face is clean, there’s no other make up remover I will use now (other than a baby wipe when I’m feeling really lazy).

I was looking for my Holy Grail skincare brand and I certainly found it in Facetheory.

If you’d like to give Facetheory a whirl for yourself, you can use the code BBMUMBUNCHRONS for a discount!

Click here to go to the website.

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