A Weekend Away

A weekend away used to be a highly-anticipated event for me. I’d get my hair done (if it was needed), I’d have my nails done, I’d buy a new outfit, I’d think of all the delicious food and cocktails I was going to consume and it meant a night of just my husband and I.Continue reading “A Weekend Away”

Mummy Worry

Worrying causes a lot of problems, but it’s a completely natural thing. With the current situation in the world, worry seems to be international. Just one more thing for us mums to worry about.

Why a blog?

Oh look! Yet another mummy blog! Yes, I realise there are plenty of Mum blogs out there & mine probably won’t be much different, but I thought I’d start one, nonetheless. I’m Helen & I gave birth to an amazing baby girl in January… I feel like that sounds like I’m introducing myself at aContinue reading “Why a blog?”